The Resort

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is one of the oldest and largest Bulgarian resorts on the Black Sea coast. It is located 488 km east of Sofia and 17 km north of Varna. The resort is surrounded by the forests of Golden Sands Nature Park. The resort takes its name from the wonderful golden sand spread across the resort’s beach line.

A local legend has it that pirates buried a golden treasure at the beach, as a revenge for the cruelty the Mother Nature turned it into fine golden sand.

The climate of the resort is Continental – Mediterranean. The summer is dry and moderately hot with lots of sunshine. Breezes blow onshore from the sea. During the day they blow from the sea toward the land making temperatures of 25 - 30°С pleasant. The sea water temperature is about 25 - 28°С.

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When in Golden Sands

As a part of your Holiday, you want to go around, see and do things worth your time.

Of course apart from the beach, where you can relax, experience jet-skiing, parachute or just party. We are offering you few  places which are different and a "must-do" while you are in Golden Sands.

  • Restaurants
  • Attractions
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Have a look at the places around Golden Sands and what do they have to offer. One day excurions always are a great idea to experience the culture and see the beautiful landscape and nature.

Some of the places you could reach by public transportation or taxi, others by joining an organised excursion. For information regarding any of the places, please ask the reception team.

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